Sculpture’s destruction a mean-spirited, cowardly act

Many people in the area have heard about the arson incident that occurred in Bowdoinham in the early morning hours of Sept. 19. A larger than life sculpture of a donkey, on the lawn of a Bowdoinham home, was burned to the ground.

While I share in the sadness that many feel, I also have another perspective. My husband, Doug Chess, is the artist who created this donkey, who he called Mr. H, in honor of two real donkeys who modeled for the original sketches.

I have watched, over the last two years, as Doug spent every possible hour he could working on sketches, constructing, sculpting, painting and adding the finishing details to the sculpture. It was a whimsical creature, designed to bring attention to informed voting. Nobody asked him to do this. He did it using his own time, talent and optimism to communicate about an issue essential to a healthy democracy.

I don’t know who so violently destroyed the sculpture of Mr. H. If I ever met that person, I would want to look them in the eye, and ask, why? I would like to hear what possible defense they could muster for such a mean-spirited, cowardly, destructive act. It takes a person of great compassion, talent and dedication to create something. Only a person with nothing inside would choose to destroy it.

Let’s hope that all the good people who are out there can continue to work together to make our country a better, kinder place.

Ruthanne Harrison,
Richmond, Maine


Topsham candidate makes introduction

Hello! I am Yvette Meunier and I am running for Topsham Select Board. I am a native Mainer and ten-year resident of Topsham. I have been committed to putting my knowledge and experience to work for Topsham and believe it’s time to serve as a selectperson.

My qualifications include 12 years’ experience in state government and a master’s degree in Public Policy, Planning, and Management in Sustainable Communities. I’m serving my seventh year as a Brunswick Topsham Water District (BTWD) trustee. I was drawn to this work for their regional collaborative approach and believe Topsham could benefit from more regional collaboration.

Recently, I led the Topsham Solar Advocates community group. We created the new solar zoning ordinance to bring in green businesses and more tax revenue. The solar power agreement we championed is saving Topsham >$38,000 a year. I also brought solar to BTWD saving on average $42,000 a year. Additionally, I led our community in passing ordinances limiting plastic bags and Styrofoam.

I know we can do more to improve our social, financial, and environmental sustainability. Please vote for me November 3rd. FMI please visit: Or to view my resume visit:

Yvette Meunier,

Vote Bailey

If you want a representative (Ward 1 Bath City Council) that is honest, sincere, and hard working Phyllis Bailey is the one.  I have known Phyllis from the Senior Center and from working  with her on Good Food For Bath. Phyllis is a problem solver.  She listens to your problems and then formulates a way to fix them. She is an advocate for every one in the community and is not afraid to stand up and present your concerns.  Our town needs this type of leadership in these trying times. Vote for Phyllis Bailey and get the representation you need.

Diane Nicol,

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