I don’t know when an effective COVID-19 vaccine will be available, but I already fear that false information about vaccines will cloud the judgment of some Americans. Maine will need a strong voice supporting science in order for our communities to return to safe harbor.

I believe Democrat Sara Gideon is that voice.

President Trump has recently contradicted experts both on COVID-19 and the wildfires out west, and Sen. Susan Collins remains silent. Collins is actively campaigning, setting her own agenda and is not publicly defending the scientists Trump denigrated. Collins’ choice not to speak up troubles me because science isn’t partisan. It’s a tool everyone can use to work our way out of these challenging times.

Whether it’s COVID-19 or climate crisis, Gideon consistently speaks up for science and sustainable solutions. That gives me hope. I believe a vote for Sara Gideon is a vote for a safer and sounder tomorrow.

Aaron Bergeron

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