The first U.S. Senate debate on Sept. 11 was interesting and informative.

Independent Lisa Savage, a recently retired school teacher and former union negotiator from Solon, did very well in answering questions and avoiding the trash talk that the other three candidates engaged in.

Savage made clear that as the only non-millionaire running for the Senate she was representing working families who are daily struggling to survive. She supports Medicare for All and warned of the dangers of the growing climate crisis. She can afford to stand up for what people actually want because she refuses to take corporate campaign donations.

Lisa offered the vision of ending our expensive and wasteful wars and using those funds to build sustainable systems like commuter rail and offshore wind turbines, which would employ more people than building more weapons. Studies at Brown University and UMass-Amherst reveal we could double the number of jobs we get by doing just that.

We are in serious danger of economic and environmental collapse if we don’t quickly change course. Maine needs a real leader in Washington like Lisa Savage. Please consider ranking her No. 1 in November.

Bruce K. Gagnon