Re: “Letter to the editor: Maine, nation need Collins’ ethical leadership,” Sept. 24:

To say that Sara Gideon received over 87 percent of her support from out of state may be correct, but the Bangor Daily News reported Aug. 10 that Susan Collins had received over 91 percent of her support from out of state.

To say that Collins, who’s been in office for 23 years, has passed more bills than Kamala Harris, who has been in the Senate for three years, is a meaningless claim.

I respected Collins until her vote for Brett Kavanaugh. Now she is saying she’d wait until after the election to vote on a replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This statement is meaningless. As Collins knows full well, the other Republicans will move forward with a new justice, as they have the votes without her.

I respect the right of others to their opinions, but they should have their facts correct.

Sheridan Faber

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