It’s time to decommission and remove the hulking monstrosity known as the Wyman Energy Station, on Cousins Island in Yarmouth.

Built in 1957 and enlarged in 1978, the plant, in its heyday, could produce enough electricity to power 600,000 homes. Now it sits mostly idle as cheaper natural gas generators and alternative-energy producers come online. It has been “turned on” only a handful of times in the past five years.

The plant is owned by NextEra, which has recently added huge batteries that store electricity during low demand and release it during peak demand. An archived fact sheet on NextEra’s own website claims the plant “provides employment opportunities, adds (a) tax base to the city, supports … (the local) economy … (and) supports … community organizations.”

Three years ago, Wyman Energy Station employed fewer than 50 people. Its contribution to Yarmouth’s tax base has shrunk to negligible, and I know of no community organizations supported by NextEra. It does have a huge negative impact on the market value of properties facing its ugly, Soviet-era appearance.

Perhaps the site could be cleaned up and returned to its natural beauty as a landmark preserve and recreation site for all of the residents and visitors to the Casco Bay area to enjoy. NextEra touts itself as “a leading clean energy provider operating wind, natural gas, solar and nuclear power plants.” Clearly, Wyman Energy Station was built for the last era and not the current or next era.

Mark Scheffer

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