The commercials seeking to persuade us that Republican Sen. Susan Collins has morphed from the virtuous Susan Collins to the evil Susan Collins are a house of lies combined with more than a little ageism.

Analyses by disinterested parties make clear that Sen. Collins’ positions on numerous issues, including Social Security and generic drug availability, have been greatly misrepresented. But a PAC affiliated with New York Sen. Chuck Schumer reached an unprecedented level of dishonesty when it attacked Sen. Collins for a Postal Service bill and failed to mention that it was supported by every Democratic senator and co-sponsored by the very same Sen. Schumer.

Does it matter that lies are being told about Sen. Collins? Does it matter when the president lies? Is there really a difference?

Don’t buy the lie. If you do, we may be stuck with a standard of honesty that will haunt us for years.

Stephen Diamond
former legislative director for Sen. Susan Collins

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