I’m glad Republican Sen. Susan Collins has taken the common-sense position that whoever is elected president in November should pick the next Supreme Court justice. Bus why are we in this crisis? Because Sen. Collins cast a key vote to confirm extremist Brett Kavanaugh to the court, contrary to the wishes of Maine voters.

Facing a tough re-election race, Sen. Collins is putting on her hero/moderate/bipartisan costume after so often enabling Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump in their outrageous behavior, but she’s too late now to save us from a court that may well end protections for those with pre-existing conditions, take away women’s reproductive rights and undermine environmental laws and consumer protections.

It’s nice to see Sen. Collins finally taking a responsible position, but as a lifelong Mainer I know Maine can do much better than continue with her fake moderation. It’s time for a change.

Wayne Whitney

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