Collins has failed BIW

Susan Collins takes credit for every ship built at BIW, but when the chips are down she’s AWOL.

BIW lost its last 2 contract bids, the $5.58 billion bid to build Navy frigates and the $936 million bid to build an Arleigh Burke destroyer.

President Trump intervened in the frigate bid, directing that the contract go to Fincantieri because it would build the ships in Wisconsin, a key battleground state. Did Sen. Collins object to this brazen political interference? Nope. not a word, despite the importance of the contract to BIW and its thousands of hard-working Mainers.

Even worse, Sen. Collins was wined and dined at a fundraiser by Huntington Ingalls, the bid winner, while the Arleigh Burke bid was pending. Instead of fighting for BIW and Maine workers, she was taking money from BIW’s main competitor for her reelection.

Maine deserves much better than this. It’s time for new leadership.

Wayne Whitney,

Vote Arford

I wholeheartedly support Poppy Arford’s candidacy for state representative for Brunswick District 49. Over the many years I’ve known her, Poppy has demonstrated a commitment to an ethical, collaborative, well-reasoned approach to problem-solving. I’d like to offer a brief example of each trait.

Poppy recently mentioned her decision to forego the practice of door-to-door campaigning. She views it as an unethical approach during the pandemic since many area residents face a higher risk of contracting the virus due to their age or health status. She welcomes constituents to reach out to her through her website if they would like to meet in person or by phone:

Secondly, Poppy approaches problems with a collaborative mindset. A few months ago, I asked about the opponents she faced in the Democratic primary for the race. She responded that she thinks highly of Corey Perreault and Kathy Wilson and values the working relationships they have forged. In fact, both of these local leaders support her candidacy and serve on her campaign team.

Finally, Poppy values reliable evidence vetted by the scientific community to inform her problem-solving efforts. She mentioned recently that guidelines from epidemiologists and the CDC have proven accurate throughout the pandemic. The outbreaks of Covid-19 that have occurred in Maine and other states might have been avoided through consistent use of mask-wearing, hand-washing, and social distancing, she believes.

Overall, I view her as a candidate with the abilities needed to develop effective policy in challenging times. Please join me in supporting Poppy Arford for state representative for District 49 to bring an ethical, collaborative, and well-reasoned approach to decision-making in Augusta.

Michele Pavitt,

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