I found John Balentine’s piece (“God should be a source of peace,” Sept. 24) right on the mark. It’s a shame that President Trump doesn’t read the American Journal. If he did, then maybe he’d understand that saying “God” all the time and making believe that he is a religious individual does not make him a true believer. Mr. Balentine and we true believers know that looking to God during a crisis like 911 brings comfort and hope that the future will be better. We believe that Americans can agree to disagree. We believe that America is “one nation under God.”

Unfortunately, President Trump continues to put down everyone who doesn’t agree with him. He continues to belittle people. He continues to say that it’s “fake news” if he doesn’t agree with the media. He continues his attacks on his own appointees who have fallen out of grace and are let go, etc. The bottom line is President Trump is a Monday Morning Evangelical! At the present time it fits his political ambitions. If he truly believed in the principles of Christianity, then he would see the good in others. But what he does and continues to do is name call, belittle others and, in general, put everyone down who doesn’t agree with him. Is this a Christian person? Is this how Christians want to be perceived? Is this what Christians truly believe? Do true Christians really believe that putting others down, name calling those who have other views is what being a Christian all about?

If that is the Christian philosophy, then I need to rethink my religious beliefs.

Steven Pomelow