John Balentine, after watching the U.S. Senate debate between Susan Collins, Sara Gideon, Lisa Savage and Max Linn, says in his Sept. 17 op-ed that their performance made him “yearn for Maine’s senators of yesteryear.”  He mentions Margaret Chase Smith, George Mitchell, Olympia Snow and William Cohen. He states that they are “all but dead and gone, along with their distinguished statesmanlike demeanor.”

In commenting on Susan Collins’ performance, Balentine complains about Collins’ unwillingness to support Donald Trump and her lack of a strong defense regarding her vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh. I can’t for the life of me figure out how she could support the current occupier of the White House, especially since she is on record (prior to the 2016 election a full page spread in the Portland Press Herald) as saying, in part, that Donald Trump was unsuited for office because of “his disregard for the precept of treating others with respect, an idea that should transcend politics.” I assume that most liberal Democrats (full disclosure, I fit that category) would consider this one of her “statesmanlike” moments; I’m sure there are others. However, it looks like that statement back in 2016 was a one and done. Now she is careful about criticizing Trump because she knows how he responds to anyone who doesn’t bow to his wishes.

The recent headline in the Portland Press Herald “Trump slams Collins for saying court nomination should wait” is just one example of what happens when he feels betrayed. “Surprisingly,” this article came out when he voiced his displeasure on Monday morning with his dear pals on “Fox & Friends” and they helped stoke his ego.

My point is that the time of seeing more politicians acting in a “statesmanlike” manner ended in 2016 with the election of the “Tweeter in Chief.” Until we as a nation come to our senses and elect a person to the highest office in the country who will try to stop the insanity, and just do the job for which he took a solemn oath to perform, the situation will not get better.

Robert Parshley