Vote Arford

I am writing in support of Poppy Arford for Brunswick House Representative, District 4. She has the experience and personal characteristics to represent our district well.

The positions Poppy has held include descriptors such as mediator, counselor, instructor, advocate and leader. All of these are useful and necessary in representative government, especially in these times. Her personal traits, among others, include purposefulness, energy, intelligence and dedication.

For over a decade, Poppy and I have been part of Maine AllCare, a group working for a healthcare system in which all would be included, people would be healthier and costs would be lower. Poppy, a founder of the group, contributes her experience and knowledge from many sources. She is able to consider a question from all sides and how it fits in the bigger picture.

While focusing on healthcare, Poppy is involved with the major issues of the day such as the environment and education. Having raised a family in Brunswick and served on the town council, she is familiar with the strengths and challenges of our town.

Poppy has a positive attitude, experience and skills. She believes in and cares about what she supports. All she needs is your vote to put her energy and commitment to work for you.

Jean Sawyer,

Vote Vitelli
As our neighbors in Sagadahoc County and Dresden begin to vote in the coming weeks, we encourage them to re-elect Eloise Vitelli to the Maine State Senate.
We have known Eloise for over 30 years, long before she sought elective office. We met when one of us headed a statewide nonprofit, the other as a senior appointed position in the McKernan administration, and Eloise worked in what has become New Ventures Maine. Later we often heard her name as an active Arrowsic resident as we both were involved in neighboring Georgetown organizations and government.
We worked with her on workforce, economic and business development issues. She always listened, was positive, could bring people to the table, and build partnerships. When there was disagreement, she would seek common ground and build upon it. This is just what we need to encourage and reward in Augusta. Term limits have removed too many capable people representing the diversity of Maine from both parties. Let’s not reject a proven legislator. Please help re-elect Eloise Vitelli to the State Senate.
Jeanne and Jim McGowan,

Missing Maine State Music Theatre

I am a longtime resident of the Atlanta, Georgia area. My dear friend, Sue Fitzgerald, introduced me to the marvelous Maine State Music Theatre. I have visited Maine for many years now for the express purpose of attending world class shows at MSMT. It is a tremendous gift in life to have discovered the unique charm and sheer magic of MSMT. My enthusiasm for attending this theater opened opportunities to become acquainted with the lovely town of Brunswick and with the many wonderful people of Maine.

How sad it was this year when my trips to Maine were canceled. I am sure my heartbreak was shared by many others. I can only imagine how the vitality of the restaurants and businesses of Brunswick were impacted by the loss of the summer theater. Also, the electric spirit of those of us who absolutely love the theater was dolefully squelched by MSMT going dark this summer.

I am one of many who have found a second home in. Maine; and I am seriously considering purchasing property in Maine. I fervently hope that the vibrant and Broadway-caliber shows of MSMT will return next year. With the tremendous loss of revenue from 2020, I passionately urge the legislators to provide the much-needed funding to support MSMT, as well as the other businesses hard hit by COVID.

I look forward to returning to Maine in 2021! Hopefully, it will be an idyllic summer in Brunswick filled with bustling restaurants and business and the wonderful joy of summer theater at MSMT!

Kathryne Lockett,
Tyrone, Georgia

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