I am a Maine senior supporting Democrat Sara Gideon for U.S. Senate.

There is a time when every senior must step aside and let the next generation take our place in the workforce. Susan Collins has been a senator for 24 years. That is enough. It is time for the voters of Maine to elect a capable younger person with energy and new ideas.

As a grandmother, I am dismayed by income inequality and the erosion of our middle class, exacerbated by tax laws that favor the wealthy. I want my grandchildren to earn a living wage and have access to health care.

I want them to breathe clean air and drink safe water, and grow up in a country committed to reducing climate disruption.

I want my grandchildren to have leaders who do not inflame prejudices and passions against others.

Sara Gideon’s temperament, commitment and experience will promote these goals.

Natalie West
South Portland

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