In the upcoming election, I will vote for Sara Gideon, not Susan Collins. Here’s why:

It is of grave importance that the Democrats win a majority in the U.S. Senate. Under Mitch McConnell, the Senate has lost any semblance of the deliberative body it once was. The Senate with a Republican majority is an embarrassment, particularly in its failure to adequately address the scope of the pandemic.

And I will not vote for someone who has remained silent as President Trump has undermined public confidence in our electoral process. As Trump speaks about not accepting the results of the election, undermines confidence in mail-in ballots, fails to call out Russian disinformation campaigns and speaks of stopping vote counting if it’s not completed on Election Day, Collins does not speak out.

Our country faces one of the most dangerous moments in our history. Collins, in her silence, should be voted out of office.

Patrick Phillips

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