Voters in Kennebunk will cast ballots on a new ordinance and Kennebunkport voters on two new ordinances, and amendments to another, in the Nov. 3 election.

Both Kennebunk and Kennebunkport are asking voters to approve emergency management ordinances that spell out the process for making emergency declarations to deal with disasters.

The two emergency ordinances have similarities. In both communities, the town manager is responsible for the organization of the municipal emergency management team.

In Kennebunkport, the chair of the board of selectmen would  issue the emergency declaration in consultation with the town manager. If the chair and the vice chair were temporarily absent, the town manager would  make the declaration, followed by the police chief, fire chief, EMA director, and public works director.

In Kennebunk, the town manager has that authority, in consultation with the chair of the select board. If the town manager is absent, the acting town manager steps in.

Among other clauses, the proposed Kennebunkport ordinance specifies no state of emergency may continue for more than seven days unless renewed or extended by selectmen. In Kennebunk, the time period is five days.

Both proposed ordinances give the town manager the authority, under a declaration, to prohibit or restrict the movement of people and vehicles; movement of people in hazardous or vulnerable areas; the use of town-owned or managed facilities; and other measures to preserve public peace, health and safety. The town manager, in consultation with the chair or vice chair of the select board or selectmen’s board, may order the evacuation of people from hazardous areas, request aid from the state, and obtain supplies and equipment, among other provisions.

Kennebunkport voters will also cast ballots on two other proposals. One of them asks voters to incorporate the town’s ordinances into one document called the Code of the Town of Kennebunkport. The other proposes to amend the portion of the town’s land use ordinance to extend the amount of time for placement of an awning or temporary tent that exceeds 80 square feet from Memorial Day through Labor Day; the ordinance currently allows 30 days.

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