The Yarmouth Democratic Committee is pleased to endorse Cathy Breen for state Senate, Art Bell for state House and Heather Abbott for Yarmouth Town Council.

For six years, Cathy Breen has fought for property tax relief, pay equity, environmental protections and expanding access to reproductive health care. She oversees the state budget as the chair of the Joint Standing Committee on Appropriations and Financial Affairs.

Art Bell has served in numerous community organizations, including the school committee, YCAN and the Senior Housing Board, receiving Yarmouth’s 2017 Latchstring Award for his longtime service.

Heather Abbott has been a Yarmouth Community Network administrator and is the chair of Yarmouth’s Committee for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability. These candidates are the most qualified to serve our town and will fight to protect the environment, support education, implement fair taxes and promote human rights, including reproductive rights. Please vote for Cathy Breen, Art Bell and Heather Abbott.

Jeff Kew
Co-chair, Yarmouth Democratic Committee