Maine and the Arctic: Building bridges to the future

This event is an opportunity to learn more about increasing trade, investment, educational exchanges, and collaborative activity between Maine entities and those of the North Atlantic. The panel will be moderated by Carol Coultas, business projects editor of Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram. Panelists include Dana Eidsness, Director of the Maine North Atlantic Development Office (MENADO), Holly Parker, Director of UNE North, Jon Nass, CEO of the Maine Port Authority, and Peter Handy, President and CEO of Bristol Seafood.

This special event is brought to you by the Camden Conference and Portland Press Herald in anticipation of the 34th Annual Camden Conference – The Geopolitics of the Arctic: A Region in Peril, February 20-21, 2021 livestreamed from the Camden Opera House and around the world.

The mission of the Camden Conference is to foster informed discourse on world issues. For more information, please visit their website or call 207-236-1034.



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