York County Sheriff’s deputies are asking the public for assistance locating a 22-year-old man who fled a traffic stop Monday, but urged against approaching him because he may be armed.

A deputy tried to stop Michael Mackie in Shapleigh, but he took off in his vehicle resulting in a police chase. Deputies broke off the chase in Sanford for public safety reasons, according to a statement by the sheriff’s office, and a warrant has been issued for Mackie’s arrest for one count of eluding a police officer and one count of violating his bail conditions.

Police said they believe Mackie is armed with a firearm and does not want to go back to jail.

The alleged bail violation stems from another alleged police chase involving Mackie on Sept. 4. Although Mackie was subsequently arrested on the earlier eluding charge, he was released on bail from Cumberland County Jail, the sheriff’s office said.

Police say Mackie is believed to be staying in the area of Sanford, Shapleigh or Lebanon, and urged the public not to approach Mackie but to call deputies at 324-1111 to make an anonymous tip.

The message to the public from police also included a direct plea to Mackie.

“Michael, if you see this email or if somebody tells you about it, we ask that you turn yourself in,” the sheriff’s department’s Facebook post said. “If you are a true friend of Michael and want to help him, contact the sheriff’s office for a confidential conversation.”


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