If we had a progressive tax system (one that imposes a lower tax rate on lower-income earners), everyone would have excellent health care, good housing, good food, an education beyond high school – regardless of ability to pay. Every child would have the same education with equal educational support systems – regardless of ZIP code. Small local businesses would be subsidized to meet regulations, protect the environment, provide good salaries and compete with corporate giants.

Have you ever met a small-business owner, whether restaurant, retail, sawmill, farm or manufacturer, who doesn’t want to offer good wages? We’d all benefit by making sure every person can live a good life. People with special skills, incredible brains and innovative ideas could realize their potential instead of spending a lifetime just trying to meet basic needs.

This is a rich country with dumb ideas about how to invest our wealth. We are rich in people, rich in resources and rich in money. If corporate investors and the very wealthy made investment decisions as badly as our leaders, they’d be broke.

Jo Myers

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