The debate that was a debacle. It was a reflection on where three-and-a-half years of Trump’s presidency has taken us down a very dark rabbit hole.

Our country and our survival are not the story of one man and his inability to answer direct questions without obfuscating the truth. The country is in crisis due to the pandemic and his unwillingness to be honest. We need reassurance, not threats of chaos.

You can see when someone realizes they are defeated by their own actions and behavior. The voice gets louder; the facial expressions get more skewed; the sentences are truncated, non-sequiturs; truth is not an important factor any more.

In times of crisis, we are conditioned to look for leadership. It is a pretty natural phenomenon. We do not need that person who yells “fire” in a crowded movie theater. This is no “unmasked” lone Ranger coming to our rescue.

David Hyde

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