In the last state budget Sen. Cathy Breen led an effort to increase municipal revenue sharing to $250 million, providing more property tax relief from Augusta than we’ve had for the past 10 years.

Her opponent this year is Jennifer White, who chairs the Gray Secession Committee, homeowners on Little Sebago Lake who want to join the town of Raymond. In 2017, Rep. Susan Austin introduced legislation (LD619) to allow a secession vote, but it failed in committee.

White’s plan would have taken approximately $1.3 million in property taxes away from Gray, costing remaining property owners an average of $468 per year. Ouch. How does that help Gray? And why White is running to represent Gray in Augusta when she doesn’t even want to be part of our town?

Vote for Sen.Cathy Breen, who will fight for all of Gray, not just a handful of people with lakefront homes.

Anne Gass