Two weeks ago, a young bull moose wandered hundreds of miles looking for love and ended up walking alone along the shore of Willard Beach, before finding a nearby forest refuge to rest his weary body. This magical 1.5-acre forest at the corner of Preble Street and Surfsite Road in South Portland may soon be torn down for yet another multi-story condo development.

What an amazing omen for, instead, permanently protecting and preserving the Preble and Surfsite forest and the other vanishing green refuges in South Portland. Overdevelopment in our neighborhoods is out of control and is damaging our quality of life. Many residents have had enough!

We, the people who live here, in our neighborhoods, have awakened to what we are losing and are speaking up now. We are urging that our remaining neighborhood forests and green spaces remain as they are, refuges of happiness and peace.

Robert Goldman
South Portland

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