I never thought I’d type these words, but here they are: John Balentine is right! Per the headline over his column in the Oct. 1 edition of The Forecaster, we do indeed need to mind our P’s this election season.

With that in mind, beware of right-wing provocateurs like Mr. Balentine, who produce and purvey pure poppycock and who continue to perpetually peddle prevarications and phony premises that pass for proper Republican Party talking points these days.

Mr. Balentine and his fellow pious preachers of ponderous propaganda (little of which is plausible) are panicking profusely, but who can blame them? It’s getting tougher to pretend America’s pitiful president is anything but a puffed-up, pusillanimous prevaricator whose primary interests are profiteering, power and perversion. Paid publicists like Mr. Balentine profess to be proud of him, but their real aim is preserving privilege for the powerful. But the reality is, the man they pour praise on is a perpetual perjurer whose predatory policies are aimed at both persecuting the poor and padding his pockets (and the pockets of his pals). His lack of personal principles are borne out by his pretend pugnacity and his poisonous politics. He preys on the poverty stricken and plays to the prejudices of his pliable partisans.

It’s equal parts painful and perplexing reading the preposterous, pandering prattle that pliable pseudo-pundits like Mr. Balentine persistently provide.

But whether you agree with this prudent prose or think it’s so putrid you want to puke, please participate. VOTE on Nov. 3!

Andrew D. Young