Moose finds refuge in Surfsite forest

To the editor,

A young and precious bull moose wanders hundreds of miles looking for love, ends up walking alone along the shore of Willard Beach, before finding a refuge to rest his weary body amidst the peace of the Surfsite forest.

What an amazing omen for permanently protecting and preserving the Surfsite forest and the other vanishing green refuges in South Portland.

We the people who live here, in our neighborhoods, have awakened and spoken up, we want our remaining neighborhood forests and green spaces to remain as they are, refuges of happiness and peace.

Robert Goldman
South Portland

Committee seeks community members

To the editor,

The South Portland 2019 Open Space Plan recommends the establishment of an Open Space Acquisition Committee (OSAC). This committee is responsible for locating and evaluating privately owned potential open space properties and making recommendations to the city council regarding the purchase of such properties.

Given the failure of the recent moratorium request and the potential loss of neighborhood open space across the city, the OSAC is our best defense against environmental devastation. The OSAC is seeking three community members to serve on this important committee.

If you are interested please contact your city councilor at

Thanks for supporting the environment.

Barbara Dee, chair, South Portland Conservation Commission

Richard Rottkov, president, South Portland Land Trust

Research climate plan, ask questions

To the editor,

Portland and South Portland have teamed up to form a group called, One Climate Future. They say their goals are to deal with climate change.

While looking through their plan you can see some interesting items. They are being advised and using Agenda 2030 and the Mayors National Climate Action groups. Both of these groups are political.

The environment is simply a way to install their socialist agenda. If you think I’m nuts, go look for yourself. The Mayors National Climate Action is a part of the Clinton Foundation. Not exactly a stellar example of integrity and honesty. Agenda 2030 can be seen at in all its socialist glory.

This One Climate Future plan is full of new taxes labeled as fees, new regulations that will make building and living more regulated and much, much more expensive. The plan calls for governing with Portland and surrounding communities thus taking our independence as a city away.

They want to expand tidal wetlands. In other words, ban building and taxing and regulating waterfront properties and businesses by designating new tidal wetlands, effectively taking away property owners’ rights.

There is too much to go into in a short letter to the editor. I would encourage everyone to research for themselves and ask questions. Don’t just look at the surface and think it sounds nice. When you dig deeper it isn’t nice.

Kandi-Lee Hoy
South Portland

Election letters

To the editor,

I would like to recommend that your South Portland readers strongly consider and vote for Jeff Selser for the South Portland School Board (Board of Education) this November.

Jeff Selser and his family have lived in South Portland for 20 years. During his time in South Portland, Jeff Selser has been a volunteer and very active member of the South Portland community and school district. Over the years, Jeff has been appointed to various South Portland School District committees, including a building/facilities committee and personnel search committees, in his role as a volunteer parent of two students and member of our community.

Last year, he spearheaded a successful community-led grading system change at the high school sought by students, parents and many teachers. The change made grading more understandable and transparent. He thoroughly understands our community and the issues facing our school department. We need this kind of understanding, dedication and experience on our school board.

In addition to his committee involvement, Jeff Selser is a former South Portland High School girls’ varsity soccer coach and has coached various girls’ teams for our community for over 10 years.

I have know Jeff for approximately nine years. During that time, I found him to be bright, level-headed, compassionate and an excellent communicator both one-on-one and before large groups. Jeff Selser would make a great addition to our school board.

Please help our community and school district and vote for Selser.

Peter Stocks

South Portland

To the editor,

I am member of the South Portland City Council, representing District 5. Serving on the council has allowed me to meet and connect with many people who work in public service. Anne Carney is one of those people. I’m writing to acknowledge Anne’s long record of service to our community, most recently as our representative in the Maine House, and to endorse her enthusiastically as our Democratic candidate for the Maine Senate.

I know from experience that Anne works hard for all of her constituents, often providing a voice for those whose voices might not otherwise be heard. Her history as a pro bono lawyer for Maine’s working families reflects this compassion, as does her participation in the Cape Elizabeth Diversity Coalition and the legislation she championed to provide healthcare assistance to women and children.

Anne is a guardian of our environment, a lifelong conservationist and a legislator whose work in Augusta has made a real difference, especially to the people of South Portland. For example, a bill she wrote and led through passage, LD2033, requires that corporations responsibly dismantle oil tanks that are no longer in use and remediate the land so that it can be repurposed in ways that are healthy for our neighborhoods and for the wider environment.

Anne’s public service and commitment to our community run deep and have a long history. I have seen her come before our South Portland City Council and have come to admire her generous spirit of cooperation, collaboration, and inclusivity. Anne Carney has my full support as a candidate for the Maine State Senate.

Deqa Dhalac, city councilor

South Portland

To the editor,

I would like to take this opportunity to endorse Jenn Ryan for the South Portland School Board. I have been a teacher at South Portland High School since 1994 and have had the pleasure of watching Jenn come up through the system.

A hard worker and independent thinker, Jenn was a leader then and will be now. I am excited to see what she can bring to the South Portland system not only as a parent, but as someone with a vast background of what South Portland has been and could be still.

Please support Jenn with your vote.

Craig Skeffington
South Portland

To the editor,

I am asking for you to vote for Anne Carney for State Senate in this coming election. Anne is very knowledgeable able legal issues as well as human issues. We need Anne to make sure our interests and our health issues are met. I am pleased to say the Anne Carney has studied the pros and cons of legislation that other senators have brought forward and she digs right in and suggests improvements willingly.

Anne is working to improve our environment and to help us better our climate. She deserves our support and is very open to discuss any issue that concerns you.

We are living in a very difficult time, but Senate candidate Anne Carney will be watching and making positive moves to better our lives. Please consider voting for Anne Carney as I have already done.

Maxine Beecher
South Portland

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