Sophie Warren earned my vote to represent Scarborough’s District 29 in the Maine House. She deserves your support, too.

We need more voices like Sophie’s. She brings new ideas, a positive outlook and a collaborative approach – which will make her a successful representative.

Her campaign as an independent, against two entrenched, partisan figures, has been inspiring. She is working harder than her opponents, without the benefit of ads that are “Paid For By” the political parties. In Augusta, she will be among the hardest-working legislators.

Sophie is focused on issues that matters to voters: protecting our environment, access to health care and recovering economically from the ongoing pandemic.

Most importantly, she actually listens and responds to voters and is not beholden to either political party. Her Scarborough roots run deep, and that’s how you know she will stay connected, be your voice and keep you informed.

I strongly urge you to support Sophie Warren for Scarborough!

Sean Flaherty
former Democratic state representative

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