Vote Arford

I am writing to encourage voters in District 49 to cast their ballot for Poppy Arford.

Though our lives took similar paths, we never had the chance to get to know each other until this past spring while running against each other in the District 49 Democratic primary. It might seem like a strange occurrence, especially in light of today’s political climate, but not only did we (including the other Democratic candidate, Kathy Wilson) work on the Support Brunswick Facebook group together prior to the primary, but we also committed to positive campaigning that included encouraging and assisting each other whenever we could. Primary Day saw the three of us hanging for 13 hours outside the Brunswick polling site, dodging raindrops, sharing hand sanitizer and taking masked selfies. By the end of the primary season, I may have lost the vote but gained a new friend (two, in fact).

I decided to support Poppy and help her campaign because I know she is the right person to represent District 49 in Augusta. She is experienced – both in creating and spearheading programs. Her focus is others – always offering a lending hand or genuinely asking how someone is doing. She wants to work with everyone – she understands partisanship is what is wrong with government and that we need to bring as many people to the table as possible so we can start to get things done. She is high energy – she will keep going until all the hard work is done in Augusta.

Poppy will fight for District 49. I hope you will join me in voting for her on (or before) November 3, 2020.

Corey Perreault,

Vote Feeney

It is no surprise that there are a number of great candidates seeking a position on the select board in Bowdoinham this year. Many are either currently serving on the board or have done so in the recent past. But there is a new name on the list and I think he would be a superb addition: Pete Feeney. Pete has been an energetic, creative, positive member of the Bowdoinham community since he arrived in town some 15 years ago. He has demonstrated both his talents and commitment even while working in a demanding job that required him to be on board a ship miles away half the year in two-month stints. Now in town full time, he is looking to step up his civic engagement and bring his talents to the board.

Pete is already at the heart of Bowdoinham, having started the Long Branch School and Store that helped energize Main Street around the old fire station and former bank building. Pete founded a rowing club, bringing two four-seat rowing dories to town and refurbishing them for community use. He has been a solid supporter of BCDI since its beginning, and a neighbor at the ready whenever a helping hand is needed.

With two seats open on the board, I strongly recommend Pete Feeney to bring fresh thinking and an engineer’s rigor to the team.

David Whittlesey,

Vote Democrat

Voting for Democratic candidates in our State elections is the way to assure our Maine House and Senate support an agenda that supports what most of us want: affordable healthcare, affordable education K-College, a living wage in a sustainable economy, help for those in need, and environmental responsibility. Here’s the winning ticket: Mattie Daughtry for the Maine Senate and, depending on your district, Poppy Arford, Ralph Tucker, or Jay McCreight for the Maine House. These are smart, experienced citizens who work hard for us and will support the Governor in moving Maine forward. Want effective government? Vote the Democratic ticket.
Sue Stableford,

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