I moved to Orr’s Island almost 30 years ago and have felt blessed to be in Maine every day of that time. I believe for many of us, and for many reasons, COVID-19 has amplified the blessing that living in Maine can be. Among the many things to be thankful for in Maine right now is the comfort we can feel about voting safely and easily.

My gratitude begins with Secretary of State Matt Dunlop, who has been so clear and effective in responding to the challenges presented by the pandemic. The new tool on the secretary of state’s website (votemaine.com/status), allowing voters to track the progress of their absentee ballots, is one outstanding example of the work done by the secretary of state and his staff. The position of town clerk has to be among the most challenging jobs at this difficult time. At my home in Harpswell, and I’m confident throughout the state, we are fortunate to have dedicated, caring and talented people in these positions.

It’s been said often, but I’m certain that the election on Nov. 3 will be the most important one in my lifetime. Sincere thanks to Matt Dunlop, all the wonderful town clerks and their staffs, who are working so tirelessly to provide one more reason to be grateful to be living in Maine.

Linda Kreamer
Orr’s Island