President Trump’s failure to protect himself, his family and senior officials from the coronavirus, despite the massive resources of the White House, show again his incompetence. His motorcade joyride was another photo-op and disrespectful to the more than 200,000 that have died, many of them alone and in quarantine. This month we see the virus numbers continuing to grow, huge corporate layoffs and closure of thousands of small businesses. Promises that the virus was going to “disappear like a miracle” or be wiped out quickly by a vaccine ring hollow. Federal support for state and local government budgets, continued unemployment support, and health care is also needed, though it does not look likely with the gridlock in Washington.

We can act on our own using the guidance that we are getting from scientists and from Maine’s able state officials, to help our small businesses survive and our communities to prosper.  We need to take simple steps.  Wearing a mask and social distancing will help businesses operate and survive and provide livelihoods for thousands of families.

This will be a difficult winter for many families.  Let’s do what we need to do to take care of our neighbors and ourselves.

Nils Tcheyan
Orrs Island