Councilor Justin Costa was the first elected official I remember having a conversation with. It was 2015, and City Manager Jon Jennings had just proposed closing the India Street Clinic. If that happened, my partner would lose his doctor.

When I met with District 4 Councilor Costa, he dismissed my concerns. He said the clinic must be closed, and that I didn’t really understand the situation. It was “complicated,” he said.

My partner – being terrified because he didn’t know where his next month of HIV meds would come from – what didn’t I understand about that? What did I not understand about the 200 other patients with HIV – low income, elderly or struggling with addiction – who were going to lose their doctors too?

That’s why I support April Fournier for the at-large City Council seat. April approaches issues with compassion and humility – not dismissal and condescension.

Joey Brunelle

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