Republican Mike Timmons has been my long-term mentor, friend and beloved teacher. When we first met, I was 14 and he was the adviser of the Interact Community Service Club at Windham High School. Mr. Timmons has a reputation for creating strong connections with his students as well as a deep pride in his community.

He is always looking to support and advance his community through helping those who need it most. For this reason, he was loved and appreciated by staff and students at WHS.

Although retired from his impactful career in education, Mr. Timmons continues to be a significant figure in Cumberland County through his dedication to education and community outreach. With age, Mr. Timmons continues to inspire me with his drive and commitment. I feel lucky to have Mr. Timmons on my side, and House District 45 is lucky to have him back, too!

Marissa Michaud

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