BIW growth will be a Maine success story

While I realize that Bath Iron Works is unable to hire and train new workers at the pace needed to fully meet its current production demand, it is exciting to know that one of Maine’s largest employers is on a positive growth trajectory, despite the pandemic.

As the Maine State Chamber of Commerce and so many of our statewide MaineSpark partners work toward Maine’s educational attainment goal that 60 percent of adults have a credential of value by 2025, having major companies like Bath Iron Works in a “hiring mode” into the future years will help create the incentives and workforce pipeline we need to strengthen Maine’s future economy.

Specifically, BIW is hiring future workers in all of its skilled trades, as well and design and engineering positions. These are solid jobs, with on-site training and full benefits. BIW’s current hiring schedule is not only helping the shipyard regain and meet its current production schedule, but is also laying the foundation for the future ability to produce even more work for the U.S. Navy.

The success at Bath Iron Works will be a shared success for all of Maine as we work together to meet our educational attainment goal and strengthen our future economy.

Megan Diver,
Maine State Chamber of Commerce,

Vote Arford

I write to encourage my friends and neighbors in Brunswick to vote for Poppy Arford as our Representative for House District 49.

While we are fortunate to have two exceptional candidates in this race, Poppy’s experience, dedication and kindness make her the best choice. A mediator with the Attorney General’s office, her work experience is literally listening to all sides and forging consensus. Isn’t that what we want more of our elected officials to do, to listen to one another and work together to solve the big issues? If elected, Poppy will arrive in Augusta already possessing the most critical skill required of an effective legislator.

In addition to having the experience necessary, Poppy’s dedication to our town is legendary. She’s been involved in the community for 35 years, volunteering to improve our schools and protect our environment. Finally, she is exceptionally kind. Few people running for office have the authenticity and humility that Poppy does, and I know she’ll do well in Augusta. I look forward to voting for Poppy Arford, and I hope that you do as well.
Wells Lyons,

Vote Meunier

Challenging times call for dynamic, creative leadership. Yvette Meunier is that leader. When initial inquiries into bringing solar energy to Topsham met with lukewarm enthusiasm, Yvette gathered volunteers to form a group determined to educate town officials of the benefits. As a result, Topsham will save thousands on electricity costs, and new businesses are coming to Topsham to offer community solar to Topsham residents.

When residents in Topsham Heights failed to convince the town of the dangers of the steep road and the need for a sidewalk linking Maple Street to the new riverfront walking path, Yvette called her neighbors to action. She and another resident collected signatures and helped usher the sidewalk project through town budget and Select Board meetings to make the sidewalk a reality. Living by the new sidewalk, I appreciate her energy and can-do attitude. Yvette knows how to work with people to bring about positive change for Topsham. She’s earned my vote, and yours. I encourage you to vote Yvette Meunier onto the Topsham Select Board.

Alice Elliott,

Need for a pro-choice senator

I want an intelligent and caring senator who will stand up for women’s rights. The judges appointed by Trump and endorsed by Susan Collins have included unqualified men who will judge women. Many will try to eliminate Roe v. Wade. Once that law is erased, life for women will go back to before the 1950s. The terror of being in the hands of someone who will do “it” (whether qualified or not) is excruciating. Women do not make this agonizing choice easily. The people who say they are pro-life care nothing about the life of the women in this horrible predicament.

The right to choose to have or not have a baby expands to the availability of birth control. Already the administration has cut funds to Planned Parenthood. Many women routinely get their GYN healthcare there because of compassionate workers, affordability and screening for many different kinds of cancers. Explaining birth-control options is just one service of Planned Parenthood.

Please vote with compassion, understanding and wisdom.

Marji Greenhut,

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