One of the things that makes America great is our nation’s ability to correct our course when have steered wrong. Examples include the overturning of Jim Crow-era laws, the resignation of Richard Nixon and the progress of the ongoing struggle for equity among those who have been historically shunned, enslaved or marginalized.

On Nov. 3, the American people have the opportunity to right another wrong by voting President Trump out of office.

Trump’s divisiveness has left a scar on this nation that will be slow to heal. His penchant for corruption and lack of morality make him unqualified to continue as president.

Donald Trump’s misdeeds as president are too numerous to count, but some examples include:

  • The withholding of funding from embattled Ukraine in exchange for dirt on a political opponent.
  • The forced separation of migrant children from their parents at the Mexican border, and the ineptitude of Trump’s justice department resulting in more than 500 children still separated from their families.
  • A response to the COVID-19 pandemic so negligent that it has left the once-thriving economy in tatters and 220,000 Americans dead.

Any one of these three examples – although there are dozens more – is a signal that it is time for someone else to captain this ship. And Joe Biden is uniquely qualified to steer us out of Hurricane Trump.

We’ve seen what happens when we completely discount experience after electing Trump, a businessman who has failed upward and never held office before assuming the presidency.

But Biden’s 36 years as senator and nine years as vice president have produced a track record showing him capable of handling a vast array of foreign and domestic issues. Today, what makes Biden most appealing to us is his willingness to listen to scientists and experts, such Dr. Anthony Fauci, in addressing our current medical and environmental crises. That’s in stark contrast to the current administration, which forms policies at the whim of the president’s fragile ego.

America needs a steady hand at the tiller to correct our course – a hand that will be guided by experience and tempered with empathy. And that is why The Times Record endorses Joe Biden for president.

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