Yesterday I learned of the sudden resignation of Erik Knudsen and Sarah Beliveau from the Falmouth Fire Department.

I am writing to express sadness for the town and concern that these two incredibly dedicated public servants felt compelled to take such action. In all the years I have known them it would have been inconceivable that either would consider leaving the department, where Erik has dedicated 47 years and Sarah, 17 years.

In the opinion of many in our community, both represent the ideal of small town emergency services – they know the people extremely well and deeply care for our well-being, they always keep an ear out and respond to calls even when not on duty if they think they might be of assistance. Both are lifelong learners and strive to continually build their knowledge and skills and, simply put, they love Falmouth and the fire department. Dedication, passion and compassion, and allegiance to public service are fundamental to both their characters.

The world is upside down that these resignations could have happened. This is a huge loss for our community.

Catherine Sexton