I admire John Balentine’s creativity in using the word “truth” to describe Donald Trump, a man whose documented lies in the past four years have passed the 20,000 mark. As I and many others attempt to correct the misinformation spewed by Balentine, we forget that his is an opinion column, not requiring any supporting facts or evidence, only his ideologically pure opinion. He likes Trump’s kindergarten-level vocabulary and confuses simple speaking with being a simpleton.

Trump has kept some campaign promises to the rich and hoodwinked everyone else. His ineffective, multi-million dollar border wall mostly replaced existing fencing, adding a few sections here and there. He did cut taxes, primarily on the rich, with smoke and mirrors for the rest of us. He has proven to be neither a social nor a fiscal conservative, revealing no morals and running up the deficit to an all-time high while imposing tariffs. Maybe that is why 1,600 Christian leaders recently signed a letter endorsing Biden, because they are tired of bring used by a man who worships the Golden Calf while not holding the traditional social conservative views on marriage, life, sexuality, or religion.

He did NOT create the greatest economy ever, but thanks to the Fed’s manipulation, the stock market bubble has expanded to a point where it has floated away from the real economy.

Trump has refused to intelligently lead on the world stage, insulting our allies and cozying up to totalitarian regimes that do not share our democratic values. He has bullied every decent member of multiple federal agencies for serving the country rather than him. He ignores the rule of law and treats the military like his palace guard. He rewards red states and punishes blue states while encouraging the reckless, violent and divisive actions of his followers.

Susan Chichetto

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