As a proud Portlander, I have been increasingly appalled at the progressive facade by city government. The statement by most councilors denouncing People First Portland‘s ballot initiatives is a stab in the back, as it’s precisely what citizen initiatives were designed for and an expression of our democracy.

Rent and home prices have skyrocketed while wages sit stagnant; the cost of living here is causing us to drown. As we race toward another unforgiving winter, the number of families in motels and shelters grows. Portland homes are bought up by people in NYC-plated BMWs while my friends house-hunt unsuccessfully for years.

Those who keep this city running deserve a living wage and rent stabilization. I urge you to vote “yes” on A through E because each measure marks precisely what is needed to secure our future. And unfortunately, it seems democracy is slipping through our hands not just nationally, but right here at home.

Lynn Kovitch

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