After four debates in the U.S. Senate race, Maine voters have made it clear they want to see me debate. We now have over 2,000 signatures on a petition calling on media outlets to #LetLisaDebate.

Many people who have seen me debate comment favorably on my clear answers to the moderators’ questions and that I refrain from attacking other candidates.

The rationale offered for excluding me from the final debate Wednesday – in violation of Federal Election Commission regulations on campaign contributions by media corporations – is that I am not “newsworthy.” Considering that The New Yorker magazine, Newsweek magazine and the Associated Press, among many others, have reported on my candidacy for U.S. Senate, this is not a credible claim.

Failing to invite candidates who are on the ballot is a disservice to voters using ranked-choice voting in this election.

Lisa Savage
independent candidate, U.S. Senate

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