From my seat in Maine’s House of Representatives, I’ve watched toxic partisanship grow. This weakens our ability to serve Maine’s people, collaborate on policy and find common ground. It doesn’t work.

I’ve admired Republican Sen. Susan Collins for some time and, while I’ve never had the opportunity to serve with her, I’m glad she’s in Congress. I know we desperately need more Susans in government.

Our Susan is the gold standard for bringing people together to find the center. Her willingness to cross the aisle, especially while being admonished by her base, exhibits true independence and courage. Susan works hard and never mails it in. Susan’s qualities have worked so well for Maine and frankly benefited our nation over the years.

At a time when politics is broken, join me in supporting a leader who has a track record of putting people over partisanship. I’m voting for Sen. Collins.

Patrick Corey
Republican state representative

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