PORTLAND — Incumbent Democrat Benjamin Collings was re-elected to his House District 42 seat, which includes East Deering and sections of Back Cove, for a third term. Collings captured 67% of the vote, beating Republic challenger Susan Abercrombie (21%) and Green Independent Party member Carolyn Silvius (11%).

While his focus in previous terms has been on investment in education and a livable wage for the workforce, his priority now will be on the state’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I am running to continue what I have been doing and advocating for, but now, we really need to try to help our community and neighbors with the pandemic,” Collings said.

He also wants to focus on helping the city better provide for those without a home.

Collings said more money and resources need to come from the state to deal with the issue, but also a more holistic approach needs to be taken where once housing is found: Individuals should also get help with mental health, substance abuse or medical care and job assistance.

“I have focused on other things up in Augusta, but living in Portland and representing Portland, I should be doing more on (homelessness),” he said. “I recognize that is an area where I can do more.”

The vast majority of Portland’s 10 legislative races were uncontested.

Those who will be representing Portland in the 130th Legislature, when seated, include Benjamin Chipman (Senate District 27), Heather Sanborn (Senate District 28), Michael Brennan (House District 36), Grayson Lookner (House District 37), Barbara Wood (House District 38), Michael Sylvester (House District 39), Rachel Ross Talbot (House District 40), Samuel Zager (House District 41) and Edward Crockett (House District 43).

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