Voters in Kennebunkport decided three local questions on Election Day, along with making their choices for federal and state candidates. Tammy Wells photo

KENNEBUNKPORT – Voters were in approval mode here on Election Day, passing three local referendum questions.

Voters agreed 2,41-648 to extend the amount of time for placement of an awning or temporary tent that exceeds 80 square feet from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The ordinance currently allows 30 days.

They voted 2,361-304 to incorporate the town’s ordinances into one document called the Code of the Town of Kennebunkport; and they agreed 2,471-207 to approve an ordinance that spells out procedures for declaring a local emergency and the process for dealing with one.

The emergency ordinance spells that selectmen appoint the EMA director, who works under the town manager. The chair of the board of selectmen issues the emergency declaration in consultation with the manager. If the chair and the vice chair are temporarily absent, the town manager makes the declaration and so on.

Among other clauses, the ordinance specifies no state of emergency may continue for more than seven days unless renewed or extended by the board of selectmen.

The emergency ordinance gives the town manager the authority, under a declaration, to prohibit or restrict the movement of people and vehicles; movement of people in hazardous or vulnerable areas; use of town-owned or managed facilities; and others necessary to preserve public peace, health and safety.

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