This election reminds us that although we are all Americans, we are also a very diverse country. I see this diversity as the great strength of America. Through our diversity we become stronger; not weaker. Considering the heated arguments, misinformation, and demonization, have Americans lost sight of that possibility?

President Trump essentially woke up the electorate (democracy is an action, not just an idea or notion). Consider this: Donald Trump could be considered a bridge to the new potential of America, not a roadblock. His frustration and the seemingly unbridled gridlock in Washington was part of the stated reason he ran for office. And many Americans still feel frustrated and disenfranchised. Will we choose complacency or embrace the democratic process?

We should choose to be active in our community and educate ourselves about our republic. History is anxiously awaiting to record that this election will be a pivotal point in this nation’s history. We have potential solutions to attain; not insurmountable challenges to face.

Educate yourself about the issues. Get involved in your community and realize we can work together while still disagreeing.

America was expertly designed to be a work in progress. Always striving to become better, more tolerant and accepting, vibrant, and compassionate; a beacon of hope for all the world.

Let us not squander this opportunity to chart a new course with unlimited potential and opportunity for all. Working together we can forge ahead and give hope to generations yet to come!

Alan Foster

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