I commend Susan Collins for acknowledging the obvious in that President-elect Joe Biden has won. I only wish that she had some greater influence on the Republican collective delusion that President Donald Trump will prevail for a second term. His power over the party is going to cost America in ways we have not yet counted.

A man who has never believed in science cannot possibly manage the downhill slide of an economy from an enemy that only science can defeat. Because of his failure to consider our nation’s biggest threat COVID, he will prolong the danger of the disease and his party is complicit.

This administration has thrown in the towel on fighting the pandemic while other nations gain strength because they have successfully won against the disease and have a fully functioning economy. China – yes, the country where coronavirus originated – has now virtually no cases. I know this because I work with colleagues in the region.

Contrary to the misinformation on the internet, their economy will likely grow this year while ours shrinks. Conspiracists will say that this is because the Chinese are all controlled by a central power and will follow Premier Xi Jinping off a cliff if he tells them to. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Chinese have beat this disease because, although there are certainly internal grievances in their nation, they unite to defeat a common foe.

Let us only hope that America can wake up in time and before COVID kills our economy completely.

Tracy Floyd
Cape Elizabeth

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