Yes! Last Sunday’s editorial rightly homes in on the need to train workers for green-energy jobs in Maine that exist today – and that we know will exist in the future in this growing energy sector (“Our View: Green power generates jobs for Maine, not just electricity,” Nov. 15).

You know who builds and maintains those big green-energy projects? Who weatherizes your homes and cuts your energy costs? Welders, electricians, precision machinists, engine specialists, plumbers and a host of other skilled trade workers. For every wind turbine, every solar array and every hydroelectric project on paper – it takes a small army of skilled trade workers to make it happen in the real world.

That’s where Maine’s community colleges shine bright. For decades we’ve produced skilled workers who are able to step into good-paying jobs that are in high demand now, and in the future. Our programs keep pace with technology, students train on cutting-edge equipment and we offer special programs for wind power, sustainable construction and water treatment technology.

Dan Belyea
chief workforce development officer, Maine Community College System

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