Looks like this week is going to have a case of the Mondays. (Have I used this joke already? Fits well here, though, so I’m sticking with it.)

There could some thunder late in the morning. NEWS CENTER Maine

Heavy rain returns on Monday. This is great news for the drought. Given the dynamic set up and intrusion of warmer air, there could even be a few rumbles of thunder later in the morning or just after noon.


Most will just deal with rain. There could be some lingering snow showers in the high elevations or the Allagash, but it’s more likely that the warm air wins out. Rain totals top out around an inch to an inch and a half.


As with every storm lately, wind gusts are a concern. The timing will favor stronger gusts near Portland around 10 a.m.; the Penobscot Bay around 1 p.m.; and Lubec around 3 p.m. Wind gusts will also increase in strength as they move east along the coastline.

Best chance for outages will be Downeast. Even there, it appears as though outages will be isolated. The wind gusts will not be as strong as the last storm we had.


The anomalous warmth with this storm will push high temperatures for most into the 50s. Not bad for this time of year, but it won’t be a great day to be outside.

Cold and windy Tuesday! NEWS CENTER Maine

Tuesday will be markedly colder. Cold air and some stronger wind gusts mix in starting late Monday night.


High temperatures Tuesday will top out in the upper 30s and low 40s. Once the wind gusts get factored in, though, it will feel quite a bit colder than that. Gusts will be in the 30-35 mph range out of the northwest.

Power outages look unlikely on Tuesday.


Wednesday will not be a big weather day locally. Clouds increase and high temperatures will reach the low 40s.

See that big storm near Ohio, though? That’s the key to Thanksgiving Day. It will need to be monitored over the next couple of days, since any hopes of a good forecast for the holiday are dependent on how this storm moves.


Before you e-mail me and tell me the forecast for Thanksgiving is a big letdown, let me say this: there’s a chance that we actually clear out fairly quickly in the afternoon and end up with a decent day.


There will likely be some showers around on Thursday. Northern areas in Maine and the high elevations could mix in some flakes.

Along the coastline, there will be spotty rain showers through the morning.

Again, there’s a chance that things clear up for the later part of Thursday.

Beyond that, the weather remains generally unsettled. If you’re waiting to put up those outdoor holiday decorations, I’d hold off until the weekend when there’s at least a slightly better chance for some sun.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving! For forecast musings and pictures of my dog (let’s be real…for those dog pics), check out my Twitter account.

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