WESTBROOK — The City Council gave preliminary approval Monday to contract with two companies for the design and construction of the Mechanic Street parking garage.

Harriman Associates of Auburn was selected to design the public parking garage for no more than $934,416. Wright-Ryan Construction Inc. of Portland will build it. The garage project will have no impact on taxpayers because of a tax deal with the site’s developers. 

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The four-story garage is planned as part of Vertical Harvest, a 70,000-square-foot hydroponic greenhouse topped by 50 apartments. Parking at the 430-space garage will be free to the public. The garage will be owned by the city but maintained by Vertical Harvest owners under the terms of their deal with the city.  

The agreements need final approval at an upcoming meeting. 

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The City Council also gave final approval Monday for a tax deal with Rock Row that will increase the projected financial return to the city over the term of the 30-year agreement from $20.5 million to $142.7 million.