A good president is one who, among other things, works to build unity, defends his country from those who would do evil, welcomes those who seek freedom from oppression, mends rifts and heals the wounds of brokenness, tells the truth and embraces transparency, listens to advisors who have more specific knowledge about issues based on experience and education, respects and honors both sides of an issue, expects from others loyalty to the United States, not solely to the person who serves as president.
A good president recognizes, as Audre Lord wrote, “that difference is a reason for celebration and growth, rather than a reason for destruction.” By demanding and promoting strict partisanship in every realm of government, President Trump has torn this country asunder. Friends, neighbors and families no longer talk to one another because of their political views, politicians cannot bring themselves to compromise, people of color continue to struggle for respect, dignity and equity, and those of different nationalities face every roadblock — and wall — seeking freedom within our borders.
A good president commands respect when he is gracious in defeat. When his term concludes, he makes sure all the tools are available to the incoming administration to effect a smooth transition. Instead, Trump insists that election results are false when they have been proven without a doubt to be legitimate. Trump wastes time, money and energy demanding that states perform more back-breaking hand-counts when they’ve already been certified as accurate. Trump jeopardizes this nation’s security because he cannot accept the clear will of its citizens. Vast numbers of hard-working folks (many of whom are his supporters) are out of work, have no money for food, shelter, clothing and cannot take care of their families. In the wake of your march to assuage his ego are more than 250,000 dead and millions of critically ill citizens.
Trump should do himself — and his country  — a favor: be gracious, be a gentleman, leave an intact democracy behind, execute a smooth, non-partisan exit strategy, and do it now, please.
Margy Burroughs,

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