Who is defending our democracy? I clearly see the thousands of voters who cast their ballots despite the risks of COVID-19; they certainly qualify. They did their part. The hardworking poll workers and ballot counters who took on the monumental task of carefully counting a record number of ballots given the challenges of the pandemic are certainly front-line defenders of our democracy.

How, then, to understand the failure of many of our elected representatives to stand up and defend a core process that has defined our democracy by endorsing the results of the vote? It is a slap in the face of voters, and also of those from both parties who worked so hard to make sure we had an honest election.

It is hard to understand the lack of vocal support for the results of this process as anything other than a placing of personal and party ambition over the love of country, our institutions and respect for our Constitution. We ask men and women in our armed services to set aside their daily lives and put themselves in harm’s way for love of country. In comparison, the sound of the silence of our elected representatives is indeed deafening.

This election is not a game where trickery is to be admired. If any party is successful in denying the will of the majority of U.S. citizens, those responsible will have to live with themselves, and their children will have to live with shame for their lack of moral courage.

Karen Wilcock

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