It’s unfortunate – no, downright disgusting – that on Veterans Day 2020 we have a president and members of the Republican Party who are trying to disrupt the lawful seating of a duly elected president. The veterans whom we honor, including my grandfather, father, aunts and uncles who fought for the freedom to vote and participate in a democracy, are disgusted at this display of tyranny. Men and women who have died fighting for our right to vote and elect a representative government deserve better. True American patriots deserve better.

Trump and many members of the GOP, including the leadership, are lying and obfuscating, denying the facts and creating illusions and lies, all to remain in power. The majority of Americans have voted Trump out, he LOST and presently 80% of Americans want Trump to step aside and pass the torch to President-elect Joe Biden.

It is tyranny for these Republicans to try to install Trump supporters in high positions of power in our government in these final days, to what, try to initiate a coup? Are we a communist country, are we Nazi Germany, a dictatorial state, a South American banana republic, a country run by autocrats? No, we are a democracy, we have just finished a free and fair election with the most voters ever to cast ballots for our president and our current leaders need to understand and respect that now. Damage is being done as we speak and it needs to stop.

Bruce Soule