YARMOUTH — Lanes built to accommodate bicyclists and pedestrians were recently added to both sides of Bates Street in an attempt to slow traffic and make motorists more aware of sharing the road. The striping borders off approximately 5 feet of roadway from the edge of the paved street.

Lanes for bikes and pedestrians and accompanying signage on Bates Street in Yarmouth. Contributed / Yarmouth Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee

The designated lane was made possible through the combined efforts of the town’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee, Complete Streets Advisory Committee and the Bicycle Coalition of Maine.

The groups had hoped to designate similar lanes on Bowdoin Street and a portion of Cumberland Street, but due to rain and cold weather, painting has been postponed until late spring 2021.

The lanes were proposed by the town in late September in response to speeding complaints in the Bates, Bowdoin and Cumberland Street neighborhoods.

“They are designed to create safe spaces within the roadway for cyclists and pedestrians, while vehicles travel in the center space, but may enter the advisory space when there is an oncoming vehicle,” said Dan Ostrye, chairperson of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee.

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