Now that the dust has settled from the Nov. 3 election, I wanted to take a moment and thank Scarborough residents for voting for me to serve as their state representative in Augusta the next two years.

I want to work hard to take all of the knowledge I gained from you, while campaigning driveway to driveway this past year to help find answers to our challenges at the state government level.

The focus for me in 2021 will be on helping us find our way, financially and medically, out of the coronavirus pandemic. As an Independent, I hope to work with both Democrats and Republicans to find solutions that meet the urgent needs of our state.

My next priority will be addressing the harmful effects of climate change on our town and state.

The final of my three priorities will be helping to develop a system of good health care for all human beings in Maine.

I want to thank all Scarborough voters again for the patience they showed me, for giving me their time during the campaign and for welcoming me into the front yards and onto their back porches to talk about their concerns. I will not forget our conversations, what I have learned or the importance of listening, empathy and collaboration in the work of being your legislator in Augusta.

I did not win, and could not have won, without the support, help and trust of incredible human beings: the volunteers, supporters, local and state government workers, my dear family and close friends. Thank you so much.

I look forward to getting to work. On to 2021!

Sophia B. Warren