PORTLAND — With new councilors sworn into office, the City Council Monday appointed members to the council’s five standing committees.

The Finance Committee will be lead by Nick Mavodones and include Mark Dion, April Founier and Mayor Kate Snyder, who will be a non-voting member. The Health & Human Services and Public Safety Committee will be chaired by Tae Chong and include Belinda Ray, the group’s 2020 chairperson and Dion, a former Cumberland County Sheriff. Pious Ali will serve as the chairperson of the Legislative and Nominating Committee and will be joined next year by Fournier, Mavodones and Snyder. Ray will serve as chairperson of the Sustainability and Transportation Committee, which will also include 2020 chairperson Spencer Thibodeau and Andrew Zarro.

New for 2021, the Housing Committee and Economic Development Committee will be merged into one group that will be chaired by Thibodeau and also include Pious Ali, Tae Chong and Andrew Zarro. In 2020, the Housing Committee and Economic Development Committee were chaired by Jill Duson and Justin Costa respectively, both who stepped down from councilor positions this week.

Zarro will replace Ray as the liaison to the Portland Public Library.

Additionally, councilors approved the formation of an ad-hoc committee to develop the council’s rules for the next year. The group will be made up of Dion, Fournier, Thibodeau and Mavodones, who will share their recommended rules at the Jan. 20 council meeting. A second vote and adoption is set for Feb. 1.