SCARBOROUGH —Scarborough-based Senscio Systems is helping Mainers with chronic health conditions and those most at risk of COVID-19 stay independent in their homes, according to a company press release.

With the use of a tablet, Senscio Systems’ Ibis program helps people manage their own health. Courtesy photo

Senscio Systems’ Ibis program helps people manage their own health and may be covered by Medicare.

With the use of a UScellular-provided tablet computer, Ibis members input their daily vital signs, when they take their medications, what they eat, and how much they are exercising. The daily log of information is tracked by a computer program, reviewed by a virtual care team at Senscio Systems, and shared with primary care providers, family, and others caring for that individual.

For residents in rural communities, that may have to travel 40 minutes to a grocery store, let alone a doctor’s office or medical center, the daily health monitoring means the difference between independence at home or having to live in an assisted-living facility, with family, or other available alternatives, according to the release.

Along with the Ibis tablet, members registered with the Senscio Systems program, have a dedicated Ibis member advocate, who calls each member no less than every two-weeks for a check in on how things are going.

The Ibis program also provides a larger, virtual care team for each Ibis member, made up of member advocates, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and physicians, who monitor daily updates. This team can help flag early signs of any health issues, or with current health pandemic, the development of COVID-19 symptoms.

A key component of the Ibis program is the connected Ibis device (tablet). The member’s Ibis device records all the patient’s daily information and can be transferred to primary care physicians, specialists, and family members for review and oversight. Connectivity in rural parts of Maine has been addressed by selecting UScellular as the wireless carrier for the Ibis program. The company’s network throughout Maine provides a nationwide, high-speed network for Ibis members in both urban and rural communities.

For more information of the Ibis program visit, The Ibis Program is free to all Medicare enrollees and designed for those with complex, multiple chronic conditions, as well as for those at risk of contracting COVID-19. The Ibis kit comes with a tablet, thermometer and pulse oximeter for measuring oxygen levels in the blood. If not covered by Medicare, the kit costs $150 and the ongoing monthly service fee is $50.

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